Acupuncture Memberships

Membership offers the benefits of once or twice weekly visits at a significant savings compared to our individually priced $65 Follow-Up visits.

In addition to weekly treatment, membership includes our Acute Care Benefit (see below).

-Once a week treatments: Sliding Scale Starting at $210 ($52.50+ per treatment)

-Twice a week treatments: Sliding Scale Starting at $350 ($43.75+ per treatment)

The Sliding Scale Ethic: Please pay in a way that reflects your financial circumstances. Those who pay more than the minimum support our work with those who cannot afford to pay more. Help us help others!

Expiration: This membership is time-bound and expires on the last day of the 4th consecutive week after initiation. We are very happy to make exceptions and arrangements for pre-planned travel, etc. 

 Booking & Keeping Your Weekly Appointments:

-Please schedule your appointments in advance to reserve the times that work best for you. We’re happy to help you do this.

-In order to provide continuity of care, your 4-Week Membership appointments will be with the provider from whom you initially purchased your Membership for that month. Exceptions will be made for acute care & emergency situations. If you would like to see another provider at Rosewood, you can change providers at the beginning of a new membership period. Ayurveda-related appointments and inquiries require an Integrative Ayurvedic Medicine 1st Visit.

-Rescheduling Appointments: Please give us at least 24 hours notice to reschedule appointments.

-Reschedules/Cancellations given under 24 hours will forfeit a membership appointment.

-No Shows will forfeit that week’s appointment.

 Exceptions may be made –at the practitioner’s discretion- to accommodate emergencies. Rosewood does not give no-charge reschedules for leisure travel  or last-minute work-related issues. If you short-notice cancel/reschedule an appointment due to vacation or work, Rosewood also needs to be paid for the time you reserved on our schedule.

*Acute Care treatments: If, during the period of your membership, you experience an acute condition that can be helped by acupuncture or a flare up of a chronic condition we are already working on, we are very happy to try to fit you in for an additional treatment as soon as possible. Acute Care treatments cost $45 per treatment.

Please contact us with any questions. We do everything we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your membership. ~ 512.710.9690