Acupuncture Memberships

Membership offers the benefits of weekly visits at a savings compared to our individually priced Follow-Up visits.

4 treatments a month: $255 ($63.75 per treatment compared to $73).  This program began as a sliding scale option, but it has evolved into a fixed price membership for patients on a budget (or for patients who need help staying on track with their intended schedule!)

If you need further assistance, please ask.  I reserve a number of slots monthly for patients with financial needs.

Expiration: This membership is time-bound and expires on the last day of the 4th consecutive week after initiation. We are very happy to make exceptions and arrangements for pre-planned travel, etc. 

 Booking & Keeping Your Weekly Appointments:

Please schedule your appointments in advance to reserve the times that work best for you. We’re happy to help you do this.

Rescheduling Appointments: Please give us at least 24 hours notice to reschedule appointments.

Reschedules/Cancellations given under 24 hours will forfeit a membership appointment.

No Shows will forfeit that week’s appointment.

 Exceptions may be made at the practitioner’s discretion to accommodate emergencies. Rosewood does not give no-charge reschedules for leisure travel  or last-minute work-related issues. If you short-notice cancel/reschedule an appointment due to vacation or work, Rosewood also needs to be paid for the time you reserved on our schedule.

*Acute Care treatments: If, during the period of your membership, you experience an acute condition that can be helped by acupuncture or a flare up of a chronic condition we are already working on, we are very happy to try to fit you in for an additional treatment as soon as possible. Acute Care treatments for members cost $50 per treatment.

Please contact us with any questions. We do everything we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your membership. ~ 512.710.9690