Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurvedic bodywork therapies work to maintain natural balance or address imbalances in the Doshas and Elements.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Oil Massage w/ Kathy Duffy (60 minutes): $75

Ayurvedic Garshana Exfoliating Treatment Add-On w/ Kathy Duffy (30 minutes): Add this invigorating, exfoliating, circulation enhancing therapy on to Abhyanga Oil Massage or Acupuncture treatment! 

Ayurvedic Marma Therapy w/ Vivian Linden (tbd): $tbd Marma Therapy is similar to Acupuncture or Acupressure, but without needles! Therapeutic touch and essential oils are used to unbind stagnation and promote the free flow of Prana through the bodily channels. 

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